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Tuesday and Thursday:  1 pm - 4 pm 

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Spring is here and summer will not be far behind.  We have set our Spring Clean up day for Sat. May 16th from 8- 1. Call the township for items that they will not take.that day. We are set for the fireworks on Sat. July 4th. We will be using the same company as in the past.  We are also looking at the road situations in the township.  The board approved in Feb. to purchase mineral well brine to cover 43 miles and 1,500 ton of limestone from the Hillsdale County Road Commission for the total cost of $35,345.00 for the township share. Our next step is to research and recommend to the board the roads that need repair.  The budget for this year was $ 86,000 so you can see their is not a lot of money to spare for roads.

Responsibilities and Duties


 Moderates board and annual meetings

 Chief assessing officer (if certified)

 Secretary to Board of Review

 Township’s legal agent

 Must maintain records of supervisor’s office

 Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)

 Develops township budget

 Appoints some commission members

 Member of township elections commission

 May call special meetings

 May appoint a deputy